Cruising down Broadway 

As a kid I always thought it would be cool to be one of “those people” who spend their weekends having a blast in New York City. But it’s a life I never imagined for myself! 

Living in Manchester, I have all the amenities of city life, with country living, mountains and the ocean all just minutes away. Boston is 40 minutes away if I’m ever up for a night out in the big city. Even better though, I’m perfectly distanced 4 hours from NYC to where I can enjoy it when I want to, but not having to deal with the crowd when I don’t want to. 

This weekend was my first trip to NYC since moving to NH. It’s my 3rd time ever being to the city. 

My brother, dog, and I drove out Friday night after work. Saturday morning we went and picked up my friend Andrea in Pennsylvania, then headed out to explore the city. 

The ferry to the island was closed so this was the best I could get of the Statue of Liberty. 

One thing I’ve learned in my 3 visits is that driving in NYC is very expensive. My friend Micah has lived in the city for a year now and was horrified to hear we were driving around. She said she was too scared to try and maneuver the crazy roads. People everywhere, one way streets, sudden sharp ties, and many $10-20 toll bridges, streets, and tunnels. 

We walked around the city, got some pizza, and watched the sunset. 

Driving thru the city I squealed a little when I saw we were driving down Broadway. 

We had found literally the only parking spot open in the entire city. While out walking, all three of us thought we had found a parking garage,so minutes before we were supposed to meet with Micah for dinner, we moved the car to the “parking garage” only to discover we had entered a one way tunnel that led to the other side of the city, and would take an hour to get back to where we were. 

There was certainly a little bit of laughing going on in the car then. 

45 minutes later we met Micah and had a great dinner. Unfortunately we had so much fun we forgot to get a picture. 

By desert the Andrea, Nick and I were all ready to get back to our small towns in PA and NH, that we didn’t stick around much longer. 

On the way to taking Andrea back home, I couldn’t help but hope nobody thought I was carrying a dead body in the back seat. 

All four of us agreed to do this again some time, but leave the car behind and take the subway every where! 

The next day Nick, Lily, and I had a little fun in Connecticut before getting home. 

‘Twas a good weekend! 

Ps. Fun fact. Andrea and I became friends when I was in 9th grade. She was in 5th. 


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