Bugging me

The following story is not for those with a weak stomach. 

For 16 months, in Tulsa, I rented a bedroom from a lady who rented out 2 other bedrooms in her house. It was nice while it lasted but I wanted more space and privacy, and I discovered I was paying as much in rent for a bedroom, as I would for a whole house. So in May 2016 I rented a house. 

From the outside it was a cute old house in a quiet neighborhood. 

On the inside, at first glance, it was nice. 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, and large windows letting in lots of light. 

And it had a nice, big backyard with large shade trees that I imagined would make sitting outside in summer very pleasant. 

I signed the lease on a Wednesday, moved in that Friday, then left Friday night for a weekend in Galveston with friends. 

I was full of excitement. My plan was to get settled in and then use the 2 extra bedrooms to become a foster parent. 

That next Monday was my first night sleeping in the house. 

I shut off all the lights, climbed into bed, and turned on Netflix. As I started a movie, I saw what I thought was a tick, crawl across the screen. I’m highly phobic of ticks and thus when I thought I’d spotted one, I leaped out of bed screaming. 

As I turned the lights back on I found my bed was cover in them. I sent pictures to a friend who informed I had a bed bug infestation. I had never seen a bed bug before but now they were all over my bed and walls. 

My landlord called an exterminator who informed me it would take weeks to fully rid the house of bugs. 

The weeks that followed I was covered in bug bites, but remained hopeful that once the process was done the house would be great. 

Weeks went by and the house eventually appeared better. 

But soon I went to enjoy my backyard and found mosquitoes swarmed all around. I didn’t dare spend more than 5 minutes outside. I tried countless treatments, candles, sprays, trying to lessen the mosquito population but they thrived on. And the yard was also infested with fleas. My dog got covered in them even though she was on a flea preventative medicine. Lily also made a rather bizarre find outside…

August rolled around and I found myselfsweeping up more and more bugs in the house. Bugs of every kind; cockroaches, Beatles, ants, potato bugs, and more. One day I came home to giant, loud, June bugs swarming in the house. 

I became super careful with making sure the house was spotless clean, I put new weather stripping on the doors, bug bombed the house, used professional grade bug repellent in every corner of the house, but the bugs kept coming and increasing in quantity. 

I was sweeping and mopping every other day with piles of bugs. 

When it rained I discovered there were cracks all over the house and the water poured in. Soon fall came and I was dealing with even slugs and snakes getting in the house. The walls were literally covered in slug slime. 

One day I noticed some cracks in the wall were so large that the sun shined thru 

I found a dead bird skull in an unused closet. Notice there are no signs of the body. I presume they were carried off by all the bugs! 

At night when all was quite, I could hear the bugs crawling all around. 

I would step out of bed in the morning and crunch my feet on bugs where I had just swept the night before. 

I would go to make breakfast in the morning and find a clumsy cockroach flipped over on its back, clanking in the sink as it wiggled around trying to get back up. 

I finally quit keeping food in the house all together. I was scared to eat anything fearing I might end up biting down on a bug. 

The landlord said she had done all she could do and I must just be keeping a dirty home. She said nothing of all the cracks they were getting through. 

I filled in every crack I could find with sealant but they still kept getting in. 

By November I was beginning to get painful, itchy bites all over me again. 

A friend who knows a lot about bugs said it appeared I now also had a fiddleback spider infestation. 

This was my breaking point. 

In July 2016 I had vacationed to New Hampshire and my 5 year plan to move was shortened to a 2 year plan. By late November/ early December my 2 year plan was shortened to “I’ve got to get out of here now!” As fate would have it, that’s right when a job lead came in NH. 

I was working a job that was killing me with stress. And I was coming home to a house that was eating me alive. 

A week after the bites returned, I put in my 2 weeks notice and prepared to leave the state…never to return. 

I now live in a clean, crunch free, beautiful apartment. 

Awe, much better. 


One thought on “Bugging me

  1. Oh my word Anna! That is the worst, the house should’ve been condemned! To bad you didn’t report it. I’m glad you didn’t get sick from all the bits and pesticides. Glad your future is a bright and beautiful, bug free place!


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