Photo dump

It’s been nearly a month since my last post. I’ve had 3 flat tires, 2 blizzards, and gained 1 roommate since then. 

Oh and got chased by a bear! 


I’ve done a bunch of hiking, sat around being a beach bum, and witnessed my brother walk on water!


Without further ado here’s my photo dump for the month…

Hiking in Mass. 

I fell off these more than once. 

Fave pic ⬇️

Yummy fish at Mass Buffet. 

Hiking in Hookset, NH

We went to Boston for REAL New England clam chowder 

More hiking in the Great Whites. 

She refused to come in.  She loves the snow. Friends say this pic will end up on an abused animals commercial. 

Brother got a job and relocated 3,000 miles to be my roommate 
Cool find on the beach. 


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