Birch Trees

It’s been over two weeks since I packed up and left Tulsa. I officially have been one week at my new job. It seems I’m settling in just fine! 

My brother told me he had a job interview in Newport, NH so last weekend I drove out to see the area. 

It was six degrees outside so all the pictures I took were taken from INSIDE my car. 😉 

Last night I went to a poetry appreciation group and met some nice people. Tonight I’m going to a ladies night dinner. Friday I’ll be going to a bowling social, then this weekend I’m back off hiking. 

I wanted to share my new favorite thing with my dear readers. 

My favorite tree was always the Douglas Fir. When I moved to Oklahoma my first bout of homesickness started with missing any kind of evergreen, or tall, trees. I hated how it was nothing for miles but farms and flatlands. I ached for the sensation of awe that comes with being surrounded by towering trees that are taller than buildings. 

My first time visiting NH I found the state was a lot like Oregon(just a lot less rain!) in the fact it has the giant evergreens all around. 

Every time I’ve come to NH, I’ve had to stop and look all around, taking a deep breath of content and saying to myself “aw I’ve missed this.”

But lately I’ve become obsessed with a new kind of tree I hadn’t seen before coming to NH. The Birch tree. 

They are tall and skinny, with bark that’s whit as snow. I find myself staring at them with amusement almost every day. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots. 

Oh, btw, did I mention I found a castle? 


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