Ice Castle and the Great White Mountains 

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that the first time I ever came to New Hampshire, I just kind of stumbled upon the mountain range that captivated me and made me obsessed with NH. 

Yesterday while driving home from the beach I heard an ad on the radio for the Ice Castle in Lincoln NH. Lincoln is located in the Great White Mountains. I decided I’d spend the day in the mountains and go check it out. 

The Ice Castle about an hour drive from Manchester, and is located at a dinner train station which is shut down during the winter. During the year the train runs a sight seeing track along the mountain side. 

They had an ice tunnel you can ride a sled down! 

It was about a 20 minute wait in line, and a 15 minute walk through (fighting through the enormous crowd). A 35 minute experience for $15. I’d say it was worth it! 

Afterwards I went hiking at the nearby Franconia State Forest. 

I’d been here once before last summer it was fun for me to see the difference between summer and winter. I took this picture here in the summer:

And this was today:

Every day I find myself unintentionally grinning from cheek to cheek in admiration of the beauty that surrounds me. You really learn to appreciate it after living in a bad place like Tulsa. I keep finding myself saying, “I can’t believe I get to live here.”

Take a peek into my world with this 2 minute video of my drive through the mountains: 


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