Oh Maine, that’s cool!

About 5 miles from my apartment is Highway 101. Follow it east for 30 minutes and you’ll dead end into the Atlantic Ocean. 

Just slightly before you hit the ocean, you can go left or right to turn onto Highway 1A. This highway runs along the coastline from Massachusetts to Maine. 

I have driven up highway 1A once before, my first time ever coming to New Hampshire. The first time I came to NH it was a nearly non existent state in my mind. I knew nothing of the area and I had no interest. I was on the east coast to visit people in New Jersey and I only went to NH because the New England states were the only states I had not been to, so I figured I might as well cross them off my list while I was in the area. Once I hit Highway 1A I was fascinated. 

That first trip, I drove up the highway into Maine then turned west to go through the New Hampshire mountains. By the end of the drive I knew I had to visit again someday. The next time I visited, I knew I had to live here some day. 

This morning I was thinking back on that first trip, and I went driving to find that highway and travel it again. 

Lily is enjoying her new seafood diet lol

I was shocked to find dozens of sites along the coast where people were actually out surfing in this freezing cold! 

Tomorrow I’ll be headed back into the mountains… sunrise cannot come soon enough! 


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